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Thursday, August 11, 2011

various rages.

hello, my seven precious fo -


since when has my population of pretty followers (*customary cackle*) almost doubled since my last entry?

...oh right, the shameless self-promotion. forgot.

ANYWAY. hi. i appreciate you all being in my clutches.

gonna stick with the non-capitalization for now, since i didn't get a chorus of people screaming and begging and yelling "NOOO PLEASE WE NEED PROPER CAPITALIZATION OR WE WILL ALL BE INFECTED WITH UNCAPITALIZED RABIES" or some other strange uncapitalized disease.

right now i have rages to, uh, rage about. so here it goes!

1. the house of night series. although this is a long, long, long rage that i should save for another day. *tucks into back of mind*

2. the max ride series. same as above.

3. people who don't like john green novels. it's one of those personal bias things. admittedly they are formulaic (which is why i'm excited to see how he does with 'the fault in our stars'; it seems considerably different from his usual!) and a bit bipolar. but still. uh. yeah.

4. american school systems. seriously, what is this. you make it illegal for people to quit school (at least in new hampshire, not sure how it is in other states) until they're legally an adult, which means we get to spend our four high school years with kids who don't want to be there at all. i mean, quitting school is a pretty dumb thing to do in the first place, since you can't get anywhere without a high school degree. but still.

which brings me to the next point of this rage! not getting anywhere without a high school degree. whose idea was it to structure schools like this? i wouldn't mind this whole notion if we actually, like, DID USEFUL THINGS in high school, but you don't. you waste eight hours learning about something that will have nothing to do with whatever your major in college is, so that your teachers can mark down pretty numbers about how many pretty little test questions you answered right, and how good your pretty little essays are. at the end of four pretty little pointless years, a college looks at these pretty numbers and either says, "hey, let's let this chick/dude/other gender into our school cause they must be REALLY SMART AND HARDWORKING hurrdurr" or "NO, DUMBFACE, GTFO".

(that's a simplified version, stuff like SAT scores and community service and extracurriculars also factors in, but that's the gist of it.)

so i wasted eight hours a day, five days a week, for four years, so that a college can look at a slip of paper and decide if i'm good enough to learn anything that will actually benefit me in life.

what the hell.
what the hell.

although from my other entries you can probably gather that i hate school in general. i don't think that invalidates this, because i'm not writing this from an "omgz y do i have 2 drag my butt 2 a desk in da morningz", i'm writing this from "WHY IS THIS STRUCTURED SO STUPIDLY", but feel free to think i'm biased.


that felt so good.

people who actually read to the end, i applaud you. *claps*

i feel better now okay. will rage about the house of night and max ride series(es?) presently.

see you later.

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