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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

the art of exhaustion.

hello, my eight precious followers! *cackle*

wow EIGHT FOLLOWERS OMG this is intense. with every new person thinking my words are actually important, my sense of self-worth grows.

so in the four days of school that we've had so far, i've pulled all-nighters for two of them, and most-nighters for the other two. yesterday during last period i had been awake for twenty-eight hours (after only getting five hours of sleep the previous night) and my last period of the day was math.

i proceeded to hallucinate and think that i was instant messaging, which caused me to write a bunch of strange random IM crap all over my notes. when i came out of it a bit later, i had to figure out what i was trying to write down before totally tripping out, erase what i wrote while i was tripping out, and then pretend that i had been paying attention the entire time. luckily, even though i have the front seat in the classroom, my teacher was so into his lecture on geometry definitions and whatever that he didn't notice. although it's entirely possible he did notice and just didn't care because people in Dumb Kid Class do that all the time.

my english class might not be so bad, though. i mean, the teacher probably doesn't like me because i spent forty minutes putting five hundred smiley face stickers on my notebook yet neglected to do my homework, but that's okay. he's really into writing, and gave us these notebooks that we're apparently supposed to journal in? of course, we can't write anything interesting because even though he says he's not going to read them, there's a chance he totally will, especially if he's concerned that you're a mental case. although if i was a teacher there's NO WAY i'd read through a hundred kids' chickenscratch, so maybe i should stop being paranoid.

at any rate, he gives us prompts and shit to write with, so that's always a fun time. i feel entitled to awesomeness and a pedestal and stuff since i can actually write. sort of. not really. i pretend i can write and hope for the best.

two of my closest friends have moved away and are not in school anymore, which makes me feel kind of like half of me has been torn away. although mcsparklepants and robin (if either of them are reading this, shoutout guys!!) are still around, so they will probably be periodically mentioned.

update on my house of night rereading - *twitch*

anyway, that's about all i have to say for the moment. just wanted to let you know that i'm alive and everything.

see you later.

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