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Monday, August 15, 2011

american accents.

hello, my seven precious followers! *cackle*

i'm tired after spending several hours walking around trying to find acceptable clothes to buy. also school starts on thursday, which automatically puts me in a pissy mood. and it's as usual the middle of the night. and i'm watching criminal minds. but here is a rant as promised.

who the hell came up with american accents, and where can i defile their grave?

seriously, was it noah webster? because if it was, my new life goal is to invent a time machine so i can go back and KICK HIS ASS. ugh.

so. ugly. so nasally and obnoxious and just plain awful. it doesn't matter what american accent it is (there are a TON), it is horrible.

accents vary by region, and then within the region there are apparently subsets of accents. (for example, according to people, all new englanders have accents. however, maine and massachusetts people have slightly different accents from new hampshirites and connecticuticians. and boston has an accent all its own. i can't hear any differences whatsoever, but whatever floats their boats.)

and i want to just KILL ALL OF THEM.


i'd feel so bad if i ever went overseas to australia or the UK or something! because as soon as you open your mouth, you are immediately asserting a few things:

1. hello, i'm an obnoxious tourist.
2. i hail from the land of Fat, Lazy, and Stupid.
3. my voice shall grate against your ears.

(are any of you seven followers australian or british? do american accents piss you off?)

american chicks go wild for guys with accents. i'm of the firm opinion that it isn't because their accents make their voices more attractive, it's because our accents make our voices uglier.

sighhhhhhh. okay i'm done.

on another note, we had a potentially rabid bat flitting around in our fireplace, but i think it might have flown back up the chimney now. exciting stuff.

would do the ipod shuffle thing, but i don't want to get up, and with my luck you'd get yet ANOTHER depressing song.

see you later.

1 comment:

  1. As a British person, some American accents piss me off. Especially from further south.

    New England: Fine. Great. Does not even immediately single you out as a tourist. Just don't ask too many stupid questions and I might even /want/ to talk to you.

    However, once you get down to about the level of North Carolina, I will probably be flinching every time you open your mouth.

    And that is the honest truth and probably makes me a horrible person.