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Sunday, August 14, 2011

maine trees vs. new hampshire trees

hello, my seven precious followers! *cackle*

this is gonna be a pretty miscellaneous blog, guys. as such, it will contain personal anecdotes, 'coming soon's, and general boringness. feel free to not read it.

i'm at my uncle's up in maine, which is basically like being at a five-star hotel. the only drawback is that this keyboard is the loudest, clackiest keyboard i've ever typed with. *cringes*

no but seriously. his house is three times the size of ours, complete with hot tub, inlaw apartment, huge backyard (with small fountain), sauna, home theater, and BOOKS EVERYWHERE. plus he stocked up on pizza goldfish (by that i don't mean pizza and goldfish, i mean pizza flavored goldfish) and diet pepsi, because he prides himself on being the perfect host and as such has to construct our personal heaven.

he does a freaking good job of it. i feel like i'm related to a god.

in other news, my hair is awesome. looks sort of like flaming cotton candy. i feel like a bamf.

we went on a whale watch today and saw a bunch of sea life. i'm an ocean junkie, so it was nice for me to just be out on the water. my uncle educated us on GDFLs (that's techie speack for god damn f***ing lobster pots) and lighthouses. woot.

also, we spent a lot of time chilling in aforementioned home theater. it's covered in posters of nazi zombies and lesbian vampires. we watched sweeney todd, edward scissorhands, winter's bone, and severance, which was fun.

quick notes on each movie:

sweeney todd - the johnny depp version. i actually really like it, aside from the fact that helena bonham carter doesn't have a voice for mrs. lovett sighhhh.

edward scissorhands - whaaaaaaaat.

winter's bone - made me excited all over for jennifer lawrence as katniss. SHE KICKS ASS.

severance - AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh european horror comedies.

(why am i updating this blog instead of writing my nano?)

(why am i awake? it's 2:30 in the morning.)

(oh right. diet pepsi. curse that stuff.)

gah clackclackclack keyboard.

anyway! for those of you who are still reading, coming soons!

i'm rereading the first house of night book so i can give it a scathing review. it's just - oh - oh god. *twitches* even worse than i remember. like, i'm not even going to apologize for offending you if you like the series, because if you like the series YOU NEED TO BE SLAPPED WITH A FISH.

i'll probably do the same for max ride, although that won't be so bad. the main problems i had with it were the narrator's obnoxiousness, the sequelitis, and the lack of psychological damage. but whatever i'll save it for the review.

coming very, very soon (probably tomorrow) is my rant on american accents. i suspect it will be short, yet poignant. rawr.

(in case you're wondering, i'm not going to do anything with twilight. i feel like i'd be beating a long, long, LONG dead horse.)

i just looked at the blog post title and went 'lolwut' and then remembered that i was also going to compare maine and new hampshire SO.

uh. they both have, uh, trees. maine's are prettier, i guess? and uh. lots of rocks. new hampshire rocks > maine rocks.

also maine has sales tax. HAHA LOSERS. *points and laughs*

well, i'm done wasting your time. will update soon.

(also i haven't been doing the ipod thing. i'm considering just nixing it, but my ipod is within arm's reach so i'll do it for this one. would you believe - your favorite enemies. HAPPY SONGS, Y'ALL.)

see you later.

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